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1. N2 Gas Filling Machine For DCP type fire extinguisher Refilling

2. Immersion Suit Testing Kit

3. Hydro testing Hand Pump

4. Liquid Level Indicator (Ginge Kerr) Isotope type Cobalt 60 Sources

5. Unitor B.A. Testing Kit

6. Painting Compressor with Gun

7. Drier

8. Heater

9. Welding Machine

10. Pipe Cutting machine

1. Hose Pipe Binding Machine

12. Drilling Machine for hanging Extinguisher

13. Pressure Gauge for Check SCBA Cylinder


• Strength of 15 skilled and trained Man Power.

• We provide efficient service in minimum time.

• Total integration with latest technology for servicing, maintenance & refilling of Fixed Fire Fighting system & Safety Equipments.

• In house facility for CO2 gas and Breathing air refilling.

• 100 % committed to Fire & Safety and not diversified anywhere else.

• Refilling of Dry Powder Extinguishers only ISI & UL Listed chemicals are used by us.

• Having enough spare for all above facility.